Choosing Nottingham’s Champion

In 2021, we teamed up with Nottingham Poetry Festival to find Nottingham’s Slamovision entrant, and the competition was fierce! 

We were delighted to receive a total of 20 video submissions from Nottingham-based poets vying to represent the city at the global Slamovision finale in response to our open call.

The lovely folks at Nottingham Poetry Festival recruited three judges, Ioney Smallhorne, Joshua Judson and Zach Omitowoju, who carefully watched all the entries from poets from across Nottingham. And, let’s just say, it wasn’t an easy task deciding on a winner!

After much deliberation, Cara Thompson was chosen as Nottingham’s 2021 Slamovision Champion with her poem Island Screams. The judges were really impressed by Cara’s poem and performance, a heart-felt rallying cry against racism, based on personal experiences. You can watch Cara’s poem here:

Cara Thompson is a writer, poet, and self-described “Black Wellness Warrior” from Nottingham, England. Born into a lively Jamaican-British family, Cara started writing at the age of 14 in the form of silly short stories and secret song-writing sessions with mates. Since then, Cara has used poetry to explore her identity, celebrate her Caribbean heritage, and address the often-unspoken impacts of racism on Black British community members. 

Cara has collaborated with the NHS, Oxfam, Simon and Schuster and more, and she is a proud member of the Nottingham based poetry collective ‘GOBS’. She also loves cheese.

Slamovision Grand Finale

In 2021, Manchester and Quebec Cities of Literature came together to host the third annual Slamovision Grand Finale. Eight Cities of Literature took part in Slamovision 2021: Edinburgh, Heidelberg, Kuhmo, Manchester, Nottingham, Quebec, Tartu and Ulyanovsk. Click here to check out the 2021 entries from all eight competing Cities of Literature.

The event was streamed live to Cities of Literature around the world – take a look back at how the event unfolded:

Following performances from eight incredible slam poets and a round of Eurovision-style scoring from each participating City of Literature, we were overjoyed that Nottingham’s Cara Thompson was announced as the 2021 Slamovision Champion! Cara was a very worthy winner, and we were delighted that her victory meant Nottingham would play host to Slamovision in 2022.

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