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Our Activity Pack includes brilliant writing prompts and resources to help you get going with writing a Letter of Solidarity, or in case you get stuck. Pick up a pen, your mobile phone, or laptop and get writing!

Letters of Solidarity is a new writing campaign for young people aged 14 to 25. Government-imposed quarantine has been long and gruelling. For many, seeing friends and family meant relying on technology, and isolation from people and our routines quickly became commonplace. Few people living in the world today have experienced an event like it.

Letters of Solidarity asks: what was it like for you? We want young people to tell the world about their experience of lockdown and offer messages of support to neighbours, friends, and family in Nottingham, across the country and world.

At the heart of Letters of Solidarity is our desire to hear about your experience of lockdown. What was it like? How did you feel? What was going on in the world around you?

You can also request an activity pack by post, if you prefer.

If you would like a printed activity pack with pre-paid postage envelopes, we can send these out to you. Click here to request yours.

If you’re unable to send the letter yourself, we will try and make alternative arrangements for your letter to reach us. Please write to or call on 07495 548 448.

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