A Letter From Martin Berry

Martin Berry is a successful director and the head of participation at Nottingham Playhouse. Read his Letter of Solidarity to you...

Dear Friends,

Lockdown brings to my mind the old phrases that adorn canvas prints for sale in gift shops.

’Dance like no-one is watching’

‘Sing like no-one is listening’

It feels to me like we’ve been doing that in Lockdown. But rather than the carefree abandon the canvas prints encourage, we are dancing and singing, and sometimes living, alone in order to survive, whilst staying alive to the possibility of a joyful, creative, shared life beyond lockdown.

Lockdown to me has been about how we value our creativity, and how being creative allows us to express ourselves. It has also allowed time to reflect, to redraw, to re-evaluate.

So, do what you need and wish. Write, compose, draw, paint, dance, meditate, sing or just be still. It is wonderful to express and create, and the fact we have all continued to do so, despite an invisible enemy forcing us apart, will surely make the thrill of shared experience all the sweeter when it returns.

Martin Berry,

(Head of Participation Nottingham Playhouse)

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