A Letter from Leanne Moden

Leanne Moden is an amazing poet both on the stage and the page and she's just released a brilliant new collection titled 'Get Over Yourself'. Leanne shares with us a letter written to her January self.

Dear January Me,

I hope you’re doing ok? How are things back there in the past? Your hair looks nice.

I know you feel excited about all the new projects you have lined up for 2020. It’s going to be a big year, but not for the reasons that you think. You’re always chasing the next thing, and the next thing and the next thing, and that’s great. But don’t forget about the stuff you already have.

Visit your parents as often as you can; go swimming every day – even when you don’t feel like it. Take your cousins to the park as often as possible. A lot is going to change this year.

Remember that good things come in many different shapes and sizes, and that, every time one door closes, another one opens. I’m not saying this to be pessimistic, I’m just asking you to keep an open mind. Sometimes, the biggest disappointments are actually opportunities in disguise.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mix things up. Try something new. (You’re always going on about doing something different with your hair, and you never do it!) Be brave. There may be days when you want to scream at yourself and everyone around you. Don’t. There are some things in the world that you can’t control. Focus on the stuff you can change.

Make friends with your neighbours. Help out the couple that live upstairs. Thank the post man. Make sure everyone around you is ok. Your kindness is your greatest strength. It always has been.

Remember that standing out, being different and speaking up for what you believe in is tough, but necessary. No one ever did anything amazing by staying in their comfort zone.

Hug your friends as tightly as you can. Focus on the good things in your life: you’ve got your health, and a roof over your head. Plus, your hair looks nice.

You have the power to change your behaviour and become the best version of yourself, and that’s the first step to changing the world. It won’t be easy, but be brave, and wear your heart on your sleeve. You can do it. And you’ve already come so far. I’m so proud of you.

Take care. And if anything goes wrong this year – if you make any mistakes, come up against opposition, or your plans don’t go the way you imagine – remember that nothing lasts forever. Hair grows back. This, too, shall pass.

Lots of love

Future Leanne

(with the bright pink, side-shaved hair!)

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