A Letter From Jamie Thrasivoulou

Jamie Thrasivoulou is an award-winning writer, poet, lyricist, and educator from Derby.

​Dear John,

At first I didn't miss the socialising; I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I enjoyed hearing the birds drown out the sound of traffic. I enjoyed the clarity of the sky.

I enjoyed the world breathing properly once again. I enjoyed open spaces. I enjoyed cooking instead of eating out. I enjoyed the downtime. I enjoyed having time to write. When the fad wore off, I stopped enjoying most things and instead endured them.

From day dot I always missed the need for a life without football...

I missed telling people I wasn't available to do this or that as I never do nowt for just travel costs. I missed telling people that it was good of them to pay that kind of fee, and that yes, that would be just fine.

I missed feeling like a poet. I missed feeling like a poet with a purpose. I missed the groups I work with; I'm still missing the groups I work with. I missed working in prisons, I missed working in schools, and I missed gobbing off my poems at events and football matches. I missed not feeling happy about anything at all. I missed you all, even those I didn't think I'd miss.

I didn't miss zoom meetings, I now hated zoom meetings, I now still hate zoom meetings; they're a means to an end and nowt more- anyone who says they're the way forward is deluded and quite frankly a weirdo. Not that there's nowt wrong with being a weirdo, as I myself, may also be considered one.

When the football came back I began to miss being in the crowd. I missed getting ready for match day, missed the socials with the pals.

I'd like to say I missed Forest winning but that'd be a downright lie- as I enjoyed them losing and performing the biggest bottle job in EFL history. We all missed them on Twitter that night: as if the Internet had gone down over the Trent- along with their hopes of premiership football.

I'm still missing a lot of things in life but I feel like they're coming back to me. One piece at a time the jigsaw looks a bit wonky, but the pieces can be adjusted to fit. Because what this all taught me is how adaptable humans need to be!

Jamie Thrasivoulou

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