Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature’s Youth Board are leading this years’ International Youth Day celebration and would love to invite you along!

Friday’s event: Focus on Creative Careers

Friday’s event will run from 1-5pm at the Waterstones Sillitoe room before moving over to Nottingham Playhouse for a “Speak Easy” after party between 6pm-8pm, with access to the room right after the event at Waterstones! The day will focus on exploring the arts sector as providing viable career options, as part of this we will have a panel which explores ‘imposter syndrome’ and creating a career out of creativity. This panel will contain three incredible creatives in different parts of their career!

After the panel there will be plenty of time for networking and an table for leaflets where we welcome companies and individuals to promote events going on around the city. Within this networking we will be offering catering from a local caterer in order to ensure both your stomachs and hearts are full!

Saturday’s Event: Getting creative

The Saturday will be also amazing! It is running from 10am-1pm in the Waterstones Sillitoe room. This event will be more about getting creative and networking with other young people! There will be creative workshops and fresh breakfast lined up as well as an exploration into the themes of International Youth Day!

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