By Tyrell Waiters

A thought-provoking and hilarious romp through time and space from debut creator, Tyrell Waiters, that explores what it means to be human in a world that is becoming more confusing and frightening by the day.

On the edge of burnout, Vern decides to return to his family in the Sunshine State to start over. Starting a new dead-end job as a custodian at Quasar—a local science facility with a shady motive—he shrugs on his uniform, grabs a mop and bucket, and trudges off to clean up… Black holes? Space-time anomalies? Galactic ooze? Things aren’t entirely what they seem at Quasar, and when Vern accidentally plugs in a mysterious machine and finds himself standing on the brink of the destruction of every planet in the Multiverse, he finds himself presented with the greatest question of all: what is the point?

About the author

Tyrell Waiters is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Palmetto, Florida. After graduating Ringling College of Art and Design, he turned himself to working as an apparel graphic designer for children’s clothing. Now currently living in on the East Coast with his wife and their many cats, he works in a huge range of industries ranging from marketing to music and entertainment. When not working, he’s painting in his studio and exploring nature.

“Having Vern: Custodian of the Universe selected to be a part of Nottingham Big City Reads is an honour. It’s a testament to striving for your goals, for sure. As a creative, there are plenty of moments in life that make you want to throw in the towel and give up. This is a reminder to never do that, especially with something you truly believe in. It’s honestly a really cool moment for someone from a small town in the US. I always knew I would become an artist, but everyone else around me couldn’t see it. To be a part of this opportunity in another country just shows others it is possible.

Thank you for selecting Vern: Custodian of the Universe to be a part of this opportunity to potentially motivate others to strive for their goals too.”

– Tyrell Waiters, author of Vern: Custodian of the Universe


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