By Rachel Delahaye
Troika Books

Alara’s incredible gaming skills bring her to the attention of the leaders of Estrella, the ‘Star City,’ a hyper-connected digital place where there’s no pain, no dirt and no space for boredom.

When Alara is dropped down to London Under, the new-old world bewilders and disorientates her. How will she survive in a society where noise, dirt and sometimes pain are everyday experiences, and where food is not synthetic and tastes real? Will she accomplish her mission? Who can she trust? How will she get back to her family and her worry-free life in Estrella?

This fast-paced and thrilling story set in a fictional yet believable future explores important themes and asks some big questions about where our society could be heading.

About the author

Rachel was born in Australia but has lived in the UK since she was six years old. She lives in Bath and is married with two children and a dog called Rocket. Rachel’s first book for Troika published in May 2022, Day of the Whale, was nominated for a Yoto Carnegie Medal for writing and her second book for Troika, Electric Life, published June 2023, was long listed for a Yoto Carnegie Medal for writing.


I’m over the moon to be selected for this year’s Big City Reads. It’s such an exciting event, because the buzz is ongoing, the books are flowing and I get to be part of the discussion. I hope Electric Life will satisfy those summer-read needs, and greatly entertain and inspire readers to think about what kind of world they want to grow up in. And also consider the choices that will determine their place in it.

– Rachel Delahaye, author of Electric Life


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