We work with a merry band of partners to bring words and ideas to the readers and writers of Nottingham. We work collaboratively with partner organisations to develop new writing talent and produce events and programmes to inspire young people.

Projects Index Georgina Wilding

Nottingham's Young Poet Laureate

Georgina Wilding is Nottingham’s Young Poet Laureate, on a mission to show the world what wonderful things Nottingham can do with words.

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Projects Index Jaipur Residency

Jaipur Writer Residency

We have now selected two writers for these exciting residencies at one of the world's most exciting literary events.

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Projects Index Dh Lawrence

Notts Literary Greats

Notts is set to lead a new project to attract more American visitors to the area in partnership with Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature, Visit Hampshire and Shakespeare’s England.

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Projects Index Dawn Of The Unread

Dawn of the Unread Education Pack

Use Nottingham's graphic novel in the classroom or library, with our brand new resources for learning.

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