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Abigail is part of a health and well being group and hopes to incorporate her findings from that project into the Young Ambassadors programme, so that we can use literature as a form of therapy for young people going through hard times.

About Abigail

What book do you wish everyone would read and why?

I believe everyone should read the book One by the author Sarah Crossan as it cleverly incorporates modern poetry into a chronological storyline about two conjoined twins and remains today the only book that has ever made me cry.

Who are your favourite authors?

  • Amanda Lovelace
  • Sarah Crossan
  • George Orwell

Where is your favourite place to find books?

My favourite way of finding books are by asking friends which ones they would recommend and by reading online reviews.

What do you love most about living in Nottingham?

It’s a modern and multicultural area that promotes equality and opportunity.

What are your hopes for the project?

I hope to educate young people on the importance of poetry and literature in modern day as well as trying to straighten out the misconceptions of literature due to the current exam systems used in schools. I also hope to bridge the gap between people of different backgrounds and abilities who have active opportunities to read the latest books and watch the latest plays with people who don’t even own a single book so that these vulnerable children have the chance to love reading and escape everyday life through the beauty of literature.

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