Terence Woolley

Inspired by traditional storytellers and classical novelists, Terence Woolley writes books that are absorbing, entertaining and thought provoking.

About Terence

“Ailein”, is a novel set in war-torn ancient Britain and tells the story of a virtuous young man trying to escape the ravages of feuding warlords.

His recent novel, “What Buys a King’s Shilling”, is set mainly in Nottingham and surrounding villages during the first weeks of the Luddite uprising of 1811. It is the story of a soldier torn between loyalty to family and the crown in a spiralling civil conflict.

In the realm of non-fiction, “Oliver Hind and the 2nd Nottingham Company of the Boys’ Brigade”, records the achievements of Oliver Watt Hind who set up an inspirational boys’ club that provided education and recreation for hundreds of the poorest children in Nottingham at the outset of the twentieth century.

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