Sherie Dickinson 

Sherie Dickinson is a writer and author from Nottingham.

About Sherie

The Impossible Dream

Empowering, uplifting and Insightful. As we all know, at times life can feel like a fight. Fighting things that go wrong and even fighting our own thoughts and feelings. But here you'll find the mindset that Sherie used to conquer adversities in life and helped her to believe in herself. Her intentions - to help you fight like a warrior too! This is an all inspiring self-help book like you've never read before. It will give you the tools you need to embrace yourself worth, how to fight through those fears, so you too can have the future that you've always dreamt of. We need to get YOU right first, THEN you can start living your best life!

If you've tried to practice the art of positive thinking and the 'Law of Attraction' before, but you just don't get it and it doesn't seem to work for you, then look no further. Here you'll discover how Sherie uses it continuously to achieve her goals, inner peace and happiness. If you're struggling with self-worth, anxiety and all the things that life and people can throw at us from time to time, then this book is here to help you! I hope to guide you into the direction of understanding self-worth, not only that, it's about fighting your thoughts and feelings, and making you realise that you're the one in control of them, and that it IS possible to change your mindset and create the life that you desire.

So, people, it's time to get those gloves up and start fighting ducky!

About the Author:

Sherie is a very hard working single mum that's battled through living with anxiety, depression, an abusive relationship, being skint for the best part of her life but still through all of that had the belief in herself to follow her dreams and achieved her goals. Sherie has been through the ringer, yet feels the need to inspire everyone by sharing her experiences and understanding, using 'The Law of Attraction'. Sherie wants to help people to truly understand the importance of mindset and social environments that can negatively affect us and block us from achieving what we desire in life. There's been many times she wanted to give up, and felt like all hope was lost, but with practicing the art of rejecting negative thoughts, she overcome soul destroying experiences for better. And guess what, she still does it to this day, knowing she'll always win the fight. Well at least try to!


A fair few years ago I was in a really dark place, (not that you would have ever guessed), where everything felt like a was fighting a losing battle every day. Then one day my friend came to see me at work and quite literally made me realise how I was attracting negativity to myself. And that is where the journey starts. She guided me on the right path, and gifted me by showing me a different way of looking at things, now I want to pass that knowledge on to the world. I studied everything that I could find about positive thinking and the Law of Attraction, so now I feel I've experienced enough in life to now help everyone else out there that needs it. I know all too well what it feels like to be stuck in a rut and nothing ever seemingly go right for you. This has quite literally turned my life around. Seems only fair and right that I pass my experience onto you!

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