Rijuta, 20

About Rijuta,

What book do you wish everyone would ready and why?

Becoming by Michelle Obama is the book I will suggest everyone to read. Her book takes us deep into her whole life. However, everything is with a different view, which we might have not been focusing on as a consequence of the stereotypes. Additionally, it is amazing how she describes in detail how life was as a first lady and how she had her freedom back years later.

Who are your favourite authors?

J. K. Rowling is my first favourite author of all time. Additionally, I enjoy reading poetry and R. h. sin is the author I love, because of the way he portrays women and the pain they go through.

Where is your favourite place to read?

I have different places where I enjoy reading, and they change according to my mood. For instance, lately, I have been reading when it’s raining because I find the sound of each drop in the background very soothing. Furthermore, this summer I have spent my time, reading at the beach with the relaxing sound of the waves and the warm air. However, I choose to read my poetry before bed to have a different view of my life the following day.

What do you love most about Nottingham?

I am a student that moved to Nottingham from Cambridge. In the first place, I was very excited to move to a big city, as in Cambridge I used to feel bored. The main feature I loved about Nottingham is the fact that everywhere you go there is a lot of nature and you can walk near the river. Additionally, Nottingham for me is the place where my dreams are becoming true and where my doors to my future career are opening.

What career or industry do you hope to get into?

My aim is to finish my degree and work with a governmental organisation. Concurrently, my biggest ambition is to work for the United Nations as a Human Right Officer in Geneva.

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