James Stuart

James Stuart is an author, teacher and singer with a strong Nottingham connection.

About James

Struggling in school, to begin with; I became Teacher, Singer and Author. While on a train journey, I received the idea to transform Wollaton Hall into a new magickal school called Dragonstone. The thought resonated in my consciousness propelling me to write until, one day, after six months, I could resist no more. I put pen to paper, and the creative floodgates opened. Within a year, I had the spine of a seven-book series, and a year later, a local company decided to publish my work. To my delight, Nottingham City Council services saw the potential in my work, which then catapulted me onto a whirlwind tour of schools, festivals and media press and radio interaction. I have since published a second and on the way to writing the third. Whilst on this exciting journey, I seek to inspire others to dig deep and find their gifts.

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