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Christy Fearn

Christy Fearn is an author of historical fiction with a real connection to the poet Lord Byron.

About Christy

Notts born and bred, Christy was brought up in Southwell: Lord Byron's childhood home. She is a champion of the poet and his writing. Author of historical fiction: 'Framed' is Christy's debut novel, published in 2013. Set in 1811-12; it features Lord Byron, French refugees and the Luddites. Lord Byron's maiden speech to the House of Lords is dramatised in one of the chapters. She has a degree in English Lit. & Drama (St. John's, York) and has performed at the Lowdham Book Festival, the Lace Market Theatre, the National Theatre Museum in London. She took part in a theatre production at the University of Athens, also in Nafpaktos, Agrinion and Messolonghi, Greece as part of the Britain & Greece Festival. Christy is one of Notts' Rebel Writers. She is 'The Girl With the Byron Tattoo'. She has worked in finance, retail and during her 'gap year' was a hospital cleaner. She currently works as a costumed performer and teaches Law at the National Justice Museum.

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