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Betty-Maxine Onwuteaka

Betty-Maxine Onwuteaka is a romance author and law student, turning thoughts into stories.

About Betty-Maxine

Betty Maxine Onwuteaka is a lady who is passionate about following her dreams. At a young age, she showed signs of determination and whatever she set her mind to do, be it her education or her hobby, she would talk about it like it was the only thing that mattered and do all within her power to make it happen.

After attaining her A-levels in Law, French and Economics, she took a year off school. It was during that year she decided to publish ‘Hired Fiancée’, a story she had been writing alongside her A-level studies. It is the first in the ‘Betty and Ryder’ series and the second in the series is close on its heels.

The support of her family and friends has been pivotal in bringing this dream come to life.

To this day, her decision to publish her book has been a source of great fulfillment. She sees it as her first real step in taking charge of her future. She decided to let go of the ‘what ifs’ and hold onto the ‘when’.

Taking the next step in her life, she is currently at university studying law and writing her books. She is determined to get the stories in her head onto paper and she is all about supporting up-coming authors because she knows what it is like to begin this journey. It seems impossible when you stare at that blank page but from the moment you begin to write, you are closer to ‘THE END’.

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