Letters of Solidarity

Open to all 14 - 25 year olds, Letters of Solidarity is the start of something awesome!

We want YOU to share your words of hope and be part of our exciting journey to showcase Nottingham’s young voices.

Whether you tell us about your experience of lockdown, feelings attached to activism, the places of the city you miss the most, or just a message of love to your city, we want your letters of solidarity.

Letters of Solidarity is a new writing campaign for young people aged 14 to 25. Government-imposed quarantine has been long and gruelling. For many, seeing friends and family meant relying on technology, and isolation from people and our routines quickly became commonplace. Few people living in the world today have experienced an event like it.

Letters of Solidarity asks: what was it like for you? We want young people to tell the world about their experience of lockdown and offer messages of support to neighbours, friends, and family in Nottingham, across the country and world.

At the heart of Letters of Solidarity is our desire to hear about your experience of lockdown. What was it like? How did you feel? What was going on in the world around you?

For inspiration and creative ideas

You can also download the activity pack and the letter page templates, if you prefer.

Write the letter

You can write the letter yourself, to the disease itself, to a friend, colleague, or family member, to a group of people, a hobby or routine you were involved in prior to lockdown, a place you miss, or be inventive and think up your own.

Sign if off with your name, as someone or something else, or as anonymous.

If you’re unsure about any of it, get in touch with us on Twitter, Instagram or by email.

Ready to submit your letter?

You can write your letter in Word, in notes, or handwrite your letter and upload a photograph or scan of it to our website...

If you would like a printed activity pack with pre-paid postage envelopes, we can send these out to you. Get in touch.

If you’re unable to send the letter yourself, we will try and make alternative arrangements for your letter to reach us. Please write to or call on 07495 548 448.

What will we do with the letter?

All letters will be showcased in our online gallery, 50 letters will be selected for a new anthology launching in February 2021, and we will also broadcast the letters on radio and other print and online media.

To join the discussion online about the campaign, use the hashtag #SolidarityLetters

Join our free creative writing workshops led by Nottingham writers

Eve Makis

Eve Makis
July 18th

Join Eve for a fun and friendly letter writing workshop, as part of the Letters of Solidarity project!

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Panya Banjoko

Panya Banjoko
August 15th

Join Panya for a fun and friendly letter writing workshop, as part of the Letters of Solidarity project!

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Ioney Smallhorne

Ioney Smallhorne
September 12th

Join Ioney for a fun and friendly letter writing workshop, as part of the Letters of Solidarity project!

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How will we decide which letters to include in the anthology?

The focus of the campaign is to express solidarity. This might be a confusing word - or a word that may suggest lots of different ideas. We’ll be posting lots of material about solidarity over the course of the summer, so keep an eye on our social media channels and website.

We want to see letters that use the letter format well. We’ll be sharing lots of content on our website and on social media about people in the city’s favourite letters.

Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature is always on the lookout for young creatives. We want young people to write a letter, but we want you to express yourself in whichever way you want. Be creative! What does this mean? It could mean being especially good at writing a creative sentence. But it could mean a creative idea, such as who you’re writing to or how you write your letter.


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