Young Ambassador Book Reviews: Emma on Gita Trelease's Enchantée

Matt Turpin
Sun 1 Sep, 2019

Emma Sporton's review of Gita Trelease Enchantee

Enchantée -

A gorgeously compelling story, Enchantée paints haunting images of the evils of magic despite the beauty it can create, and by doing so, the novel is rich in ups and downs. It is set in a France on the brink of a revolution, with the fashionable Marie Antoinette a key figure of social superiority. This is a world where dreams that seem simple to us now, hold such weight within the society; and there is the beauty of it! There is magic and there is love and there is a desire to trust where trust is given only dangerously, and still the dreams remain simple. It is surely a gamble, but you see that we all must move forward somehow.

Here, Gita Trelease is handing over the story of a brave young girl who desires to be a printer like her father had been, but who has monsters chasing her from different sides, in different forms, that she has taught herself to sacrifice anything – anything – to find safety for herself and her sister in this hostile world. Her story is gripping, her surroundings a history so full of perfections and deceptions that you hardly know where to look... it would be a shame not to dive right in, wouldn’t it?

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