Writeresque: Fearless, Fascinating and Unique.

Teya Dancer
Fri 3 Sep, 2021

A new literary magazine has launched in Notts and, judging by the quality of its first issue, has a great future. If you're a reader, here's more about it. If you're a writer, then here's an opportunity...

Are you a creative, independent individual who sees through the murky waters of social media mainstream? Can you think for yourself and stick up for what you believe in? Do you want to make a difference? If the answer to at least one of the above is 'yes' and you apply this attitude in your creative writing, then we want to hear from you!

Recently founded by Teya Dancer, a writer, and an alumna of NTU’s BA in English and Linguistics, and MA in Creative Writing, Writeresque is a literary magazine that celebrates the bravery of being different.

‘I wanted to create a literary magazine that really stands for and celebrates individuality,’ Teya explains, ‘I believe we need more intelligent people who are willing to embrace who they are and to trust in the uniqueness of their individuality.

When it comes to creative writing, I always like to use a slightly modified quotation by Pixar’s most renowned and super talented chef, Auguste Gusteau: ‘Anyone can [write]... but only the fearless can be great.’ Yes, I believe anyone can write because everyone has something to write about, their own unique story. Knowing the basic rules of writing is important, but what’s more important is wanting to explore them, to take them further, question them, break them, if you must. No one’s ever made a difference without being a little rebellious.’

Writeresque Literary Magazine are looking to publish creative work from writers who are rebels in their texts and are not afraid to speak their mind; who are themselves because that's who they are.

‘That’s who we are. We want to encourage you to love your individuality and share it with the world. The world needs you to develop, so what better way to make a difference than through the power of creative writing?’

Writeresque For Print

Teya Dancer, Writeresque

"Write it like only you can"

Teya Dancer, Writeresque

The theme for the magazine’s second issue is Different Realities. Writeresque asks you to think about the concept of different realities and how this affects your writing. Please feel free to be creative when interpreting the theme.

‘Whether you want to explore Reality in your writing through your knowledge and opinion on debates of recent and past events that arguably affect all of us, or through a more philosophical approach, or something else entirely, it is up to you, and we want to read it!’

Submission entries are free to students and voluntary for anyone else. Please check the submission’s criteria and guidelines before you submit. And remember:

Write it like only you can.

Writeresque’s statement in support of the global well-being of nature, animals and people

We are passionate about making our world a better place for everyone. Having a healthy planet with abundant, flourishing nature and sustainable resources is the key to the well-being of us all. We stand for humane treatment of animals - pets, wild and farm animals alike; for giving voice to the voiceless. For freedom of speech and the right to know; for journalists who risk their lives to bring us truth. And for people's best qualities - love, solidarity and compassion.

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