Workshops and Gaining the Confidence to Write Your Letter

Thu 16 Jul, 2020

Director Sandeep Mahal pens a letter to tell you why our new project focuses on letters, and why the digital workshop series will help you to write honestly and creatively.

Dear Friends,

Last month, we launched Letters of Solidarity, a campaign to encourage the young people of our wonderful city to write a letter in solidarity with someone or something. The last few months have been tough, and although we have all lived through it together, our experiences have surely been different. Letters of Solidarity is about telling us - and the world - what your experience was like. You can find out more about the campaign by checking out the project page.

As part of the campaign, we’ve put together 3 creative writing online workshops for you to attend between now and September. Places are limited - a maximum of 20 each - so you’ll need to register (below). As part of the work we do, we put on lots of creative writing workshops for poetry and short stories, but it’s the first time we’ve done one for letter writing. Why bother? I can see how one answer to this question is, ‘Why bother? Letters are easy to write.’ Yes, you can write ‘Dear Person’, add your note, and sign off with your name. You have probably written many at school (or did so in the past) and it’s probably easy to do. But letters - particularly when I think of the work we do in literature - can also be an out of bounds or even elitist way of communicating. You might think about letters as something your grandparents did when calling and instant messaging wasn’t available. You might think - as I do - about famous writers and their famous letter collections, like Rilke or Woolf, or Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’, or Coretta Scott King’s note about Jeff Sessions. They may seem like something out of reach, or something you don’t do, or something too old, and dare I say it, boring.

Letters of Solidarity wants to challenge this idea, and the workshops we’re running - the first of which takes place Saturday 18th July 2020 - helps to demystify letter writing. They’ll give you tips and techniques, help you with your ideas about what and how to write, and give you the confidence you need to put pen to paper, fingertip to keyboard key. I am desperate to hear about what your lockdown experience was like. These workshops can help. Sign up below.

Yours Faithfully (or is it Sincerely?),

Sandeep Mahal

Director, Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature

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Sandeep Mahal

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