I’ve lived here for about a year, but I only found out about Notts TV in the work break room last week (I’m getting a TV license just for Bake Off). This makes it a little funny that I’m writing about the charming new Book Club programme on the channel.

The show delves deep into the book of the month, this time being ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ (2018) by Delia Owens. Becky Cullen, joined by NUCoL Director Sandeep Mahal, and guests author Polis Loizou and award-winning screenwriter William Ivory, get to grips with what glues the book’s story together. The themes of nature and family are pondered, and how the book can relate to topical issues of the environment and the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

What works in the book? What doesn’t quite land with the gang? Why has the book has been such a success worldwide? Why is there a picture of a blue duck behind Becky’s head? Three out of four of those questions are answered in the open-ended discussions.

The Book Club is a great opportunity as a student, especially an English student like me, to activate your mind and to critically think about literature, but in a lovely, passive way. I’m probably going to ‘borrow’ some ideas they shared on the show for my writing. It’s the perfect thing to watch if you don’t feel like doing any work but want to keep your mind engaged and feel somewhat productive.

I enjoyed the book club, and I hope you will too.

Notts TV Book Club is a brand-new monthly show for anyone who likes to read, wishes they knew what to read, or wants to take a detour into new reading territory. Hosted by WRAP Programme Manager Becky Cullen with resident panellist Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature Director Sandeep Mahal, and special guests, the show’s books of the month include everything from thrillers and romance to self-help and poetry. Jaden Morton from Nottingham Waterstones drops in every episode with his book recommendations to keep us up to date and Sandeep goes out and about finding out what the public think. There is something for everyone and everyone can take part. A team of NTU students work on the show, curating social media as well developing real-life experience of working in film, TV and journalism. Notts TV Book Club airs the second Tuesday of every month and again on Sunday at 9pm, available on Freeview 7 Virgin 159 or on demand on the Notts Tv website.