Sky Mirror

I gaze down onto earth how beautiful is it i want to go down there, but how can I? I kneel in front of the mirror gazing up at it for a long time, in and out of consciousness, tears rolling down my face as the emotions wash over me. The edge of the mirror is so close to my hand. I want to reach out to grab it but time is running out.

I look up and see the sun above me, the moon, and stars above me. It looks so beautiful yet so magnificent up here. I can feel the warmth of the sun. I sit there watching the sky, the clouds, the moon, and the stars. I am getting so excited as I feel my soul becoming one with the beauty of my surroundings. But if i leave i will make earth children’s control the sky and they would mess it up the black night with golden bright stars they would change it with moldy green and starts the color of blue.

Image: Robert Workman via Nottinghamshire Live

I get past the edge of the mirror and sit down on the grass. I want to see if I can go further into the mirror. I need to decide whether to go or not. If I go further, I may never come back. Who is going to look after my kids? Who is going to kiss my kids and tell them I love them, but if I go no one will ever know I was up here? I feel I can never tell anyone my secret. But what can I do? I cannot risk everything. I get up and look back into the mirror hoping my reflection has not gone. I see my mother and wear grandmother standing with their hand.

“I love you I want to go down, but I can’t and I will never come back, right? You are not even there” I shout into the mirror. My tears flow down my face. I need to be able to come back. I pick up the moon and sun. Put all of my things on and blow into the mirror. This time it blasts me back with more force than before. This time my grandmother and mother have been blown away. I walk away with tears rolling down my cheeks but the smile on my children put a very big smile on my face then i realize life is not life without my children.