Pupils from Round Hill Primary School have been learning all about Black History this month, thanks to a project organised by Broxtowe Borough Council in partnership with Nottingham City of Literature. As part of the project, Year 5 have been writing letters around the theme of migration in the twentieth century, and talking about the Windrush generation. They also received a special visit from local writers Panya Banjoko and Ravelle-Sadé Fairman.

Panya and Ravelle-Sadé talked about their own experiences, and read poems about their lives – inspiring the children to write their own work. The children took part in a writing competition, and of the best pieces were chosen to share on our very website. Congratulations to Hannah (writing as Elsie), Yarik (writing as Tom) and Hannah for their fantastic letters. And thank you to Panya Banjoko and Ravelle-Sadé Fairman for helping to judge the competition too!