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Eve Makis Waterstones
What Solidarity Means to Me: Eve Makis

Eve Makis tells us what the word 'solidarity' means to her.

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John Mc Gregor
Q&A With Jon McGregor

Jon McGregor is an award-winning novelist and short story writer. He was awarded the International Dublin Literary Award for his 2012 novel Even the...

Dunedin Old Carnegie Library
Building a Better World With Words #6 Dunedin

Building A Better World With Words is a blog series asking how international Cities of Literature are coping with the Covid-19 crisis. In the final...

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Changing Worlds Report
Changing Wor(l)ds Enabling Cultural Self-Representation for Marginalised Communities

Read more about Changing Wor(l)ds, a cultural partnership created by NTU researchers in 2014 to research and create space for marginalised voices.

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Rae Tian We7 Yf Tgp Xlg Unsplash
Nine Letters You Need To Read Now

Find inspiration for your letter of solidarity by reading these 9 famous letters from history...

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Literary Locations #67: The Arthur Mee Centre, Church Street, Stapleford

This week’s literary location article is all about Mee, Arthur Mee, who wrote around a million words a year, for fifty years, helping to teach and...

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Gemma Evans Iakik Rek Rz Y Unsplash
Workshops and Gaining the Confidence to Write Your Letter

Director Sandeep Mahal pens a letter to tell you why our new project focuses on letters, and why the digital workshop series will help you to write...

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Nottingham line of light photo
Job Opportunity: Freelance Finance Officer

Want to join the Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature team? We're hiring...

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