New Notts Writers 1: Shruti Trivedi

Wed 31 Oct, 2018

Nottinghamshire is currently brimming with talented writers of fiction: over the next few weeks we'll be picking out writers you may not have heard of (yet!) and telling you why you should try them.

What has she wrote?

Shruti's debut, Dark Night, is a exhilarating blend of fantasy, romance and storytelling, and has received strong reviews since appearing online earlier this year. Breaking away from the more traditional tropes of the fantasy / romance genres, it's a thrilling, eminently readable adventure written with panache and verve.

There is something Dickensian about how the book came to be: it was written as individual uploaded chapters to the internet, quickly creating a buzz that lent her the impetus to develop it into a full novel.

Dk Cover

Dark Night (click image or full cover)

Who is she?

Raised in East Africa, Shruti is a lifelong writer and reader 'I've never been without a book near me since a child - I'm a voracious reader' she tells us. She currently lives in Nottinghamshire, and is a practising solicitor and a partner for a major UK law firm.

Where can I buy it?

Pop over to and download a copy / order a printed book.

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