More than a 1000 words exhibition

Using the theme of words and visuals, the exhibition invited guests of Reykjavík City Hall on a trip between eighteen Cities of Literature, giving them a glimpse of their creative assets. 

Poems and short prose texts were displayed from the cities, old and new, from poets and writers as diverse as the cities they come from.

From Nottingham, we were delighted to share the first verse of a poem by John Lucas and photos of the Arboretum by Graham Lester George.

Credit: Graham Lester George

The UNESCO Cities of Literature are, Reykjavík (Iceland): Baghdad (Iraq), Barcelona (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Dunedin (New Zealand), Edinburgh (Scotland), Granada (Spain), Heidelberg (Germany), Iowa City (USA), Krakow (Poland), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Lviv (Ukraine), Melbourne (Ausralia), Montevideo (Uruguy), Norwich (England), Nottingham (England), Obidos (Portugal), Prague (Czeck Republic), Tartu (Estonia) and Ulyanovsk (Russia).

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