These five-minute podcasts are interviews with Nottingham people who were all asked the same question: tell us your favourite poem, and what it is about the poem that you love. Needless to say, the chosen poems are all absolute beauties, and the listener gets fantastic insights into the poems and also the hearts and souls of the people who chose them.

Nottingham is a UNESCO City of Literature and this city-wide project, which celebrates the secret, inner world of poetry as people go about their daily lives in the city, is the first project of its kind. As the saying goes, ‘What Nottingham does today, the world does tomorrow…’.

Who better to start with than our current Sheriff of Nottingham / acclaimed writer, Catherine Arnold, talking about Lord Byron’s ‘She Walks in Beauty’

Jenny Swann, who has led the project and conducted all the interviews, is a poetry consultant, publisher, workshop leader and poet. She set up and ran Candlestick Press 2008 – 2016 and now runs One Plum Poem (