Give me maw, maw, maw: Gobs are open.

Tue 28 Jan, 2020

A new poetry collective is forming, and two of Nottingham's brightest stars want you to join in.

We're renowned, as a city, for not exactly being the most tight-lipped of people. Our writers and our residents share a preference of expression over repression; chatter over chuntering; calling things out rather than letting them stew. We are, in short, a gobby lot.

We are delighted therefore to hear that this fine local quality is being encouraged and refined via two of Nottingham's most successful poets, Bridie Squires ( LeftLion, Mouthy Poets, NTU Poet in Residence) and Ioney Smallhorne ( Mouthy Poets, educator, writer, filmmaker). They're gathering together a collective of up to 30 aspiring writers (18+) who will take part in 7 free creative writing workshops and 2 free masterclasses. They group will work towards an anthology and performance showcase for the 2020 Nottingham Poetry Festival.

It's all part of Nottingham Trent University's great Curated & Created programme, and if you match the criteria then it's also a real chance to develop your talents into something brilliant. Bridie and Ioney, both alumni from the Mouthy Poets collective that lay much of the foundations for Nottingham's burgeoning poetry scene, know well how joining a collective can change your life.

Want to enter? Then simply write up to 300 words or record a 1-minute video to let them know why you want to be a part of this programme. Creative approaches and phone-quality videos are welcomed. More details can be found on their website, and they've also on Instagram and Twitter. They look forward to hearing from you, the gobbier the better.

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