All of our Young Ambassadors have been working hard towards their creative goals – whether that is writing their first short story, or performing a spoken word poem to an audience! Giorgia has been working particularly hard with her mentor Paula Rawsthorne to produce a poetry collection! She has been improving her writing through mentoring sessions, and these poems are the result of that hard work. We are very proud to share her fantastic poetry here on our website!

Hidden Lies

It was just a picture of everything they thought they needed.

A hidden lie painted to look like the truth

But eventually a lie will crawl into your

Body and destroy you from the inside out, slowly

An omen in the form of man’s perfect desires.



A monster isn’t something that hides in your closet at night

A monster is someone that takes everything from you

And walks away as if it means nothing.



He thought her mind was a beautiful thing

But all she thought about was the body of another man.



Is it possible to swim in the ocean of society

When you’re drowning in its expectations?

Racism and discrimination pulling you to

The endless abyss of the ocean whilst you

Choked on the cloying amount of sexism

Filling your lungs.



Love them to the bottom of their veins

Beyond their mistakes

And even as their heart is breaking

Love them entirely

Or not at all.



My heart is a garden, filled with thousands of flowers

Planted from the seeds of the ones who left.



White walls with books tucked into its milky blanket

The engrossing mess of my feelings into stories that I read

Sadness evaporating with each page I touch

My tears dried by the words that stick to my soul.

A house for the words of many who seem to understand me more than I do myself

The library is home for those who believe, like me.



To be like the moon

and to be the light

in all the darkness.

To be like the mantra

You must use a calm word

To walk away from the negatives and run towards the positive.

To be mindful you must experience the present

And accept any emotions without judging them

Instead of using them to create different

Perspectives of yourself.



I sit atop a rubber float, my skin burning from the scratching of the sun rays

But, for once, I feel free

The harshness of the waves drowned the constant screaming and chattering of irrelevant people

My eyes closed so tight

In the hope that everyone would disappear

Leaving me alone

I could no longer feel fear, sadness or even anger

I only felt at peace.



When I was young, I thought I could fly

I tried so hard, I got stuck in the sky

And now I can’t come down.


Behind the Door

Isn’t it ironic that the world looks like a beautiful place

On the outside

When behind her door is a place so dark

It’s terrifying.



As the tears slide down her cheeks like the rain pounding on the window panes

Her heart beats like a crazed man’s head on a pillowed wall

Getting shorter and shorter

Until they are gone.


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