Learning Day: 27th November 2019

On 27th November, children in KS2 and KS3 get involved in exploring their local, regional and national heritage. We offer a range of 45 minute workshops for groups of 15-20 children, bringing them closer to significant people and places from our shared heritage. Sessions include the Brontë Parsonage museum, who help us understand the extraordinary Brontë family, Milton Manga, and Newstead Abbey. Each session is interactive, enabling children and young people to respond creatively.

National Curriculum Links:

KS2 and KS3 History, Citizenship and English

  • Making links between local, regional and national history.
  • Access to heritage organisations develops awareness of the roles played by public institutions in society
  • Developing an appreciation of our rich and varied literary heritage.
  • Introducing a range of contexts and purposes for language
  • Encouraging further reading for pleasure and information.

We will contribute up to £50.00 to school groups for travel.

Professionals Day: 28th November 2019

In addition to keynotes from leading figures in heritage and culture, our speakers’ interactive sessions and panels present best practice from a range of culture and heritage organisations. We celebrate our East Wood Comics project with a panel of young people, artists and curators; the Fighting Words project share how the spark of Roddy Doyle’s reading for pleasure groups has developed from an ember to a flame across Ireland and the Richard III museum and the YMCA speak to us about their innovative project to tackle youth homelessness, with one of the young people involved.

We are grateful for the generous funding and ongoing support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.