Turning the Tide
a cautionary tale of a once land-locked city

Welcome to Nottingham-by-Sea
one time mid-land city
far from the coast
where ‘The Beach’ in Market Square
was shipped-in sand and fake palm trees
kids paddling in a pool pretending they were
beside the seaside, beside the sea
The Greenest City
producing our own clean power
trams dinging
silent green buses – gas and electric
park n ride
cycle lanes and rent-a-bike
walk-to-school initiative
solar powered bins
recycling and reusing
no single use plastic
bring your own bag
Lush collecting bottle tops
Costa’s soya lattes
even Greggs going vegan
up-cycled housewares and charity shop chic
lights out
taps off
water butts in every garden
worm bins and composting
grow your own veg
head to head with Birmingham
for the most green spaces in the land!
We all pulled together
making changes and campaigning
lobbying governments, corporations
and exposing multinationals
but we couldn’t hold the ocean back
how ever much we tried
we needed you
and you
and you

to a one-time mid-land city
now a prime coastal resort