All of our Young Ambassadors have been working hard towards their creative goals – whether that is writing their first short story, or performing a spoken word poem to an audience! As the programme draws to a close, we’re sharing the amazing progress they’ve made.

Danica has been working hard with her writing mentor Paula Rawsthorne to develop her skills and has written this brilliant poem, titled ‘I am who I am…’.

I am who I am…

I am who I am because of that trampoline,

the one I’d spend hours on end with my friends.

The one where I’d wonder what it would be like to be those in the sky.

I am who I am because of those houses in the Philippines.

Running in the sun with my cousins and the dog,

ducking under the trees for the bliss of shade.

I am the sugar rush in my Aunt’s house in Spain,

The ‘pinging off the walls’ because of the E numbers.

I am the visits to the hospital for my mum.

The letters she wrote, the corridors to see her.

I am the getting lost in the countryside

And the arriving at the camps first.

I am who I am because of the countless dance shows,

singing performances and piano exams.

I am the tears tumbling down my face for a multitude of reasons,

and the giggles that came after.

I am the stress before every exam and every race

And the relief when they’re over.

I am who I am!


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