We’re most definitely having a summer, as evidenced by the prevalence of shorts worn at events, the surge in sales of books about polar regions and poets exhaustively trying to find a rhyme for ‘air conditioning’. It’s HOT. And when it’s hot, there are few finer things to do than slap on the Factor 50, mix yourself a chilled drink and lie back in a deckchair with a good book.

In what has become an annual event, we asked our fellow UNESCO Cities of Literature what books with a link to their city they would recommend. We were very impressed with the choices sent in, and hope to get through a large chuck of them before chill winds return and leaves begin to fall.

We have chosen Lee Stuart Evan’s debut ‘Words Best Sung‘, a touching tale of growing up in late ’60s North Notts. We chatted to Lee earlier this year, to find out how he mixes his day job writing jokes for Jimmy Carr and Sean Lock with novel writing.