After an evening of tough voting and amazing slam poetry performances from across the globe, we’re proud to announce Nottingham’s Cara Thompson as the SlamOVision champion.

SlamOVision is the global spoken word community’s Eurovision, hosted by the UNESCO Cities of Literature. This year’s slam was hosted jointly by Manchester and Quebec Cities of Literature, after their wins in 2020. Our candidate, and now champion, Cara has brought the SlamOVision crown to Nottingham – pinning us on the map as a city of performance poetry. We will also host the competition ourselves in 2022.

Cara is a writer and poet from Nottingham, whose poetry explores and embraces her identity and Jamaican-British heritage, alongside interrogating the impact of racism upon the Black British community. Cara is a member of the GOBS Poetry Collective and currently working with the Nottingham Poetry Festival ahead of its launch in May 2022.

You can watch the entire SlamOVision finale below.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly Nottingham proud, watch Cara’s poem ‘Where are you from’.

Make sure you send your congratulations over to Cara, who you can find on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.