Book Lovers of Nottingham: An Introduction

Alex Jarvis
Wed 11 Apr, 2018

You might have noticed a regular feature on our social media accounts, where we ask random members of the public what they are reading. Alex Jarvis, the creator of the project, tells us more...

My philosophy is to take a book with you everywhere you go. You never know when you’ll have a spare ten minutes to fit in a chapter or two. It’s a common occurrence to see people reading in public, whether that’s in coffee shops, on the tram or on the benches in Market Square. With so many book lovers I wanted to tease out what the people of Nottingham love to read, why they love to read and where their ideal spot is to settle down with a good book. 

For the Book Lovers of Nottingham project I propose to interview people on the go about what they’re reading and what reading means to them. This will involve approaching readers in public places, so don’t be alarmed if you see me coming up to you with a notepad and pen. These will be snap shots of every day Nottinghamshire citizens, focusing on their love of literature and highlighting how individuals engage with literature on a daily basis.  

We’ll be using the hashtag #BookLoveNG so you can follow the weekly posts on the Nottingham City of Literature social media pages. The aim is to inspire and encourage readers to try different authors and genres and share the love of reading. Let’s see what makes Nottingham the peoples City of Literature and celebrate all things books! 

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