Young Poet Laureate for Nottingham, Georgina Wilding has penned a love poem to mark HRH Prince Harry’s first official engagement to Nottingham with new fiancée, Meghan Markle.

Georgina was appointed Nottingham’s first-ever Young Poet Laureate in September 2017, as part of Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature’s celebration of the city’s thriving live poetry scene. Since she became the Young Poet Laureate, Georgina has performed at several events, ran workshops and appeared on TV and radio.

Georgina describes the poem ‘A note to love’ as a “commentary on long-term love and life as a pair. Through the throes and light frustrations of the day to day, we’d never choose to be without love, not really.”

Sandeep Mahal, Director of Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature said “As a city that rings with words, it seemed natural that we present the happy couple with a poem to wish them joy and long-lasting love”

Nottingham poetry organiser Leanne Moden said: “Georgina’s poem celebrates a realistic, down-to-earth view of love that’s rarely portrayed in romantic poetry. Her words acknowledge the small daily frustrations of marriage and show how long-term love grows through mutual respect, support and kindness. It is the perfect gift for a couple embarking on their engagement.” 

The poem will be presented on a bespoke scroll, tied with a ribbon of Nottingham’s famous lace. Sarah Manton of Curious Nottingham, who produced the scroll said “The Royal family have a long tradition of using Nottingham lace over the years, incorporated in wedding dresses since Queen Victoria. Royal babies usually make their first public outing rapped in a Nottingham lace shawl, and for the Queens 90th birthday I was commissioned by the National Federation of Womens’ Institute to produce a hand-cut birthday card on behalf of the happy occasion: this also used Nottingham lace in its intricate design. For the frame of the poem I’ve incorporated a lace design. It is traditional for a bride to receive a trousseau of Nottingham lace for good luck, and by tying the poem in lace we do so wishing the couple a wonderful wedding in May, and a happy, loving marriage”.

A note to love

Love, you are the plate cracked by clumsy hands.

You are the late payment, the red light runner,

the keys left in locked door.

Love, you are the shoes

strewn across the hall by impatient feet.

You are too much ketchup in the cob,

wet towels on the bed,

half drunk tea and the stain

on the mug’s midriff.

Love, you are all the plants

left dry by fleeting mind.

You are no logs left for the fire,

you are nails bitten off,

snotted tissues on the floor.

You are shirts not ironed and socks not washed.

But love,

you are Royal Blue.

Silk wrapped around every moment.

And for all the cracked plates,

tripping shoes and wilted ivy,

it’s you, love,

your annoying dazzle,

whose loss would be too difficult to accept