I’ve been inspired every day by the people of Nottingham since the journey began for me in September 2016 and never more so than now as our sector and communities are coming together to support each other.

This crisis brings unprecedented challenges and we will be consulting with our community and our stakeholders to re-design the appropriate parts of our programmes so that we can continue our work as far as possible in a digital space. We’re also strengthening our connections to Nottingham’s literary community and will keep you informed and provide more detailed plans here as they develop.

Meanwhile, our team at Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature continue to work remotely at the moment, but we would like to offer out our support in any way we can — whether that’s by amplifying your online initiatives, providing advice, or just having a chat over Zoom or the phone. You can get in touch with us by email.

Take part in our Virtual MyVoice on 20th April

As part of our continued commitment to writers and freelance creatives, we have paid all of our speakers for all our cancelled events and workshops. We will develop new alternative initiatives to ensure the continued promotion of literature in all its forms and we’ll do this in partnership with libraries, bookshops, universities and the wider cultural sector in Nottingham and across the world with the glorious network of UNESCO Cities of Literature.

Join the launch for a new anthology on 20th April

Wishing you good health and high spirits,

Sandeep x