We held our first ever Heritage Learning Symposium last week – an event that brought together industry professionals from across Europe to Nottingham for a day of sharing knowledge and best practice.

We were delighted to be joined by six of our Young Ambassadors: Emma, Mary, Amel, Chelsea, Zoe, and Jesvita – who listened to the day’s proceedings, took notes, and produced a Young People’s Manifesto for Change.

This manifesto sets out a plan for the future of the heritage sector, how it might operate and attract young people into its spaces.

You can read the transcript of the Young People’s Manifesto below, or click here for a larger copy of the photos!


Emma – Accessibility:

The first step of solving a problem is admitting there is one. We want to start a conversation, because our collective heritage is a public service and deserves to be fully funded.

Zoe – Contemporary Interactivity:

Taking history out of its glass case and into the street. We want to use new methods to engage with the past, by young people for young people. We want dance, street performance, music, all creative outlets.

Jesvita – Truth:

We want heritage to tell the truth. The truth of all sides, all backgrounds all perspectives. Inclusive history. How can we share our future if we don’t learn what went right AND what went wrong?

Chelsea – Enlightenment:

We want a dialogue. Heritage should ask us questions and we should use it to ask questions of each other. We need to share Our Stories. We propose a touring Doc-U-Booth so we can record and share our stories, like a chain, one to the other.