Our plan

Our ambition is to ensure that Nottingham City of Literature is a fully active member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) thus reinforcing its position on the world literary scene. Our aim is also to support, animate and develop the city’s designation in the interests of residents and visitors to Nottingham and its surrounding area and increase everyone’s access to the benefits of literature: learning, skills, quality of life, social capital, improved life chances, and better health and wellbeing.

We will only make progress by making a commitment to working with partners across Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire in both enabling an active City of Literature as well as in achieving our five strategic aims outlined below.

Our mission

Building a better world with words.

Our vision

To be recognised worldwide as a beacon of literary excellence and to create new opportunities for learning and participation in Nottingham’s literary and cultural life.

Our values

We seek to maximise the UNESCO designation through collaboration. Our working relationships and our programme are defined by five core values:

Inclusive – we are friendly, helpful and encouraging. We respect and value each other and thrive on our diversity.

Collaborative – our partnerships are one of our most valuable assets. We work in ways which empower and support our partners.

Inspire and connect – we show our passion and enjoyment so that others want to join our mission.

Creative and ambitious– we are open to new ideas, set high goals and are committed to improving the quality of everything we do.

Integrity – we create a culture of openness and aspire to work to the highest standards of honesty and behaviour.

What will we do and how will we measure success?

Focus: to promote the story of literary Nottingham, boost its profile and increase the size and make-up of audiences for live literature events.

We'll know we've succeeded when we've...

  • Honed our City of Literature story and increased national and international media coverage
  • Developed a new communications strategy
  • Measured and analysed subscribers and sign ups to the newsletter and What's On calendar
  • More city residents know about Nottingham’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Focus: to encourage greater access to and participation in creative writing as a special priority, especially among children and young people from marginalised communities.

We'll know we've succeeded when we've...

  • Supported the production and impact of a city-wide literacy strategy
  • Helped instigate the development of a children’s publisher roadshow and book festival.

Focus: to support the creative and professional development of writing talent for page, stage and screen, and to empower writers to be ambitious and innovative.

We'll know we've succeeded when we've...

  • Strengthened relationships with the creative, artistic, cultural and academic sectors
  • Benchmarked participants/artists/organisations and evaluated the increased contact and depth of relationship
  • Created new opportunities for writers to experiment and perform new work
  • Developed a UNESCO branded artistic programme
  • Measured the number and impact of projects and events instigated or supported.

Focus: to broker international connections, share experience and best practice, and encourage cross-disciplinary cultural projects and partnerships.

We'll know we've succeeded when we've...

  • Mapped and measured international collaborations
  • Exported the work of one Nottingham-based writer per year internationally
  • Developed a writer exchange programme in partnership with another UNESCO creative city
  • Hosted a City of Literature Sub-Group Network meeting in Nottingham
  • Developed and launched a new transversal project in partnership with a UNESCO City of Film
  • Monitored and reported to the Board of Trustees all UCCN initiatives and calls to action.

Focus: to develop a flexible and agile organisation with a sound business model that supports organisational resilience.

We'll know we've succeeded when we've...

  • Refreshed the Board following a skills audit exercise
  • Developed a fundraising strategy and raised funds to deliver new activity
  • Sustained core funding of £110,000 per year
  • Established a framework for patron support
  • Established a framework for student placements and volunteers
  • Established research partners to measure the impact of the organisation
  • Established robust financial systems and processes

How do we work?

We are a small organisation, based in the Creative Quarter, but we are hugely ambitious in our work to develop diverse audiences, support writers, and the wider cultural and literary landscape of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Our Team help coordinate and champion literary activity to audiences locally, regionally, nationally and across the world. We actively support and facilitate conversations, broker connections and optimise opportunities through our in-house expertise, access to global networks, and our communication and marketing tools, including our revamped website.

Tell us what's going on and we'll be sure to advise, develop, promote and make connections.

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