Yab Zach

Zach Omitowoju

About Zach

Joining the Nottingham City of Literature Youth Advisory Board is an honour because it means I now get share Nottingham’s literary history (and a passion of mine) with even more people, and from a cultural perspective as well. As I have experience in the world of literature, I look forward to seeing how we can expand this to more people withing our community as well and have fun doing so!

Reading has definitely helped me cope with taking or reducing my thought impact, on life’s problems. I love different types of books, but I would say I read humorous, mysterious and romantic books the most. The realisation of my decreased stress levels also makes me happy as I am doing what I love and finding it relaxing simultaneously. It has definitely improved my reading, by myself and publicly, my spelling and my overall vocabulary.

In terms of memorisation as well, I find that I am able to remember a lot more and often enjoy the anticipation whenever I take a pause from reading. The memorisation is a good, long-term skill which has proven useful to me in the workplace. I love that there is also a good chance that I might learn a new word anytime I pick up a new book.

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