Patrick Limb Qc

Patrick Limb

Patrick is a barrister, appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2006 and former Head of Ropewalk Chambers. He has served on other voluntary organisations.

About Patrick

Patrick's paternal roots are strongly local and he celebrates that Lawrence’s “Sons and Lovers” includes a character by the name of Meg Limb. He is nearing completion on a biography about another barrister of this City, killed a century ago, Capt. F C Dietrichsen.

Why I read and what I read

A favourite author, and one Nottinghamshire-born, Robert Macfarlane wrote lyrically in, and rightly of, The Gifts of Reading. Those enrichments from being able to read (and write) cannot be taken as a given. Reduced to just one though, my given book would be Graham Swift’s Waterland. It tells of the stories we tell ourselves, and how then history repeats itself. For shorter tales, what William Trevor writes is much-cherished - try Matilda’s England.

For tales of others, a recent found treasure was Julia Blackburn’s Threads about the Delicate Life of John Craske. Books then about memory and place (which all the above have in common) hold for me a special power. And so, why not dip into Andrew Grieg’s Loch of the Green Corrie too? Give yourself a good read.

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