Matt Full Res

Matt Turpin

Matt joined Nottingham City of Literature to help support promoting the bid. Now we have the title, Matt works to ensure the city makes the best of it: promoting Nottingham and its formidable talents at home and around the world.

About Matt

Matt has made films, written dozens of articles for an eclectic range of publications and arranged several events to reflect Nottingham's creativity and ensures it continues to thrive. He also runs a local community magazine in Beeston, The Beestonian, which is now in its tenth year of publication. He enjoys reading, his local nature reserve and exploring the weirdness of his home town + city.

Why I read

I can’t remember a time before I could read, but I’ve been voracious in my appetite for words since that day. I read everywhere; there is still no finer way to lose yourself in a different world opening a book. I typically have three or four on the go at once.

I particularly love non-fiction writers who infuse their writing with a beauty and verve more commonly found in fiction: Francis Wheen, George Orwell and Robert Macfarlane are fine examples. I have long adored Byron Rogers, a writer who adds a magic that lingers long after reading: his writings on his native Wales inspired me to examine and write about my own surroundings.

With fiction, I’ve always had a love for Sillitoe: he was the first writer I read that wrote in the way I thought, using the words I used. I’ve recently revisited his classics, and can’t imagine what impact such stories had when they were first published. His work is so strongly Nottingham: brash yet self-effacing, angry but kind, ultimately unknowable yet as familiar as the street you grew up on.

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