Jodie Price

Jodie Price

About Jodie

I’m Jodie and I’m a Creative Writing MA graduate. I have a long standing passion for sharing my love of writing and reading amongst young people, especially with those that have never enjoyed either before. I’m a firm believer in that everybody has a story to tell and they simply need the tools to tell it. I’m excited to contribute to the board and help develop more ways to reach Nottinghamshire’s young people. Writing for me has always been an escapism and I know the benefits of it first-hand, I believe everybody should have a chance to be creative.

I’ve always loved reading – my childhood bed had to be hollow to allow for all of my books! Books are a way for me to visit places I’ll never see or to have adventures that are once in a lifetime events. I’ve been to alternate worlds and grown up with these characters. A book is a whole life that you get to try on for size. I love a variety of genres, especially Young Adult and poetry. I think sometimes YA gets a bad reputation, but I find it fascinating to see how authors explore topics that young people face. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins will always have a special place in my heart. Within poetry, my greatest inspiration is Sylvia Plath. The topics she explored have fascinated me since I was a teenager. Every time I read her work, especially Ariel, I find a new depth to explore.

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