Yab Emani

Emani Francis

About Emani

I am excited to join the Nottingham Literature Youth Advisory Board, as I have always been passionate about the importance of reading and am looking forward to contributing towards projects that make reading accessible to everyone. I grew up in Kuwait but have lived in many countries since then, including South Korea, America and now Nottingham, England. Moving around, I got to experience many different cultures and turned to books to learn more about the world. I now study Journalism at Nottingham College, as I also have a keen interest in Politics and the media. However, in my free time I enjoy more creative outlets, such as cooking and painting.

Growing up in Kuwait there were no real public libraries or creative programmes outside of school, which is why I heavily relied on book fairs and class reading time to discover my passion for reading. I had a very active imagination as a child, and I originally began reading to escape into mythical worlds that break the boundaries of reality. I have always seen reading as a way to experience life through alternative perspectives, and now enjoy reading thought-provoking books that make me question myself and the world around me.

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