Yab Connor

Connor Brown

About Connor

I am 19 and I have been in Nottingham all my life. I started writing when I was 13 and I have been through many stages with my writing. I now use writing as a way of expressing myself in a way I don’t feel capable of with normal words. I write in a wide range of genres around many different topics, the main thing I write is poetry around heartbreak and mental health. Outside of the world of words I really enjoy playing football and listening to music, I am pretty much always found listening to music.

Growing up I was really into reading Manga, especially the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. For me reading is a way of escaping reality and moving into a completely different world for a while, the best part about this is there are so many different worlds out there to escape to. Writing can take so many different forms whether that be on a page, in a song or even as the backbone of a film/video. I feel as though my writing is heavily influenced by the music I listen to, artists such as Witt Lowry and Mokita are so poetic in the way they write and deliver their work.

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