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Barbara Cathcart

Since 2006, Barbara Cathcart has transformed the Nottingham Hospitals Charity into a strong and successful organisation. She joined the NUCOL board in 2019.

About Barbara

As a dual-national Barbara has made Nottinghamshire her home for over 20 years, having hailed from Montreal and Toronto, Canada. In a professional capacity, since then, she has developed Nottingham Hospitals Charity into a strong organisation that exists to benefit NHS patients locally and she is proud to have been instrumental in supporting whole new buildings and research projects, through to enhancements like supporting complementary therapists and specialist nursing posts. She is also an inaugural trustee of the Association of NHS Charities nationally.

Barbara is honoured and thrilled to be a trustee of the Nottingham City of Literature in her adopted home, due to a newfound pride of place, coupled with a lifelong love of reading (including a modicum of successes in writing poetry). Strangely, she read many of DH Lawrence’s works as a teenager while in Canada thousands of miles away, with no expectation that one day in the future, she would share in the culture, geography and history featured in his novels and poetry.

Coupled with Barbara’s love of reading is an intense connection to the outdoors; she is happiest with a pair of boots on her feet in hills, moors, fields and fording streams.

Barbara remembers the excitement of learning to read as a child and has read voraciously ever since! She has a continual pile of books by her bedside and becomes uncomfortable if it ever has fewer than five books – always needing to know that the next one is lined up. This joy of reading was shared with her children, who continue in the family tradition of loving words.

There are no specific authors who inspire her but the classics were consumed in her young adult years. She believes that this fostered an appreciation and empathy for our human condition, collectively and as individuals. Memories of the extreme fluctuations of life experiences came with diverse reading, such as discovering the horrors of reading about Stalinist camps in A Day the Life of Ivan Denisovitch through to the understanding of class struggles and Victorian mores portrayed in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, which brings us back to Nottingham, where this new venture begins.

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