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Wed, 4 Nov 2020
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What are we writing about?

Welcome to a place where we share the city’s many stories. From new literacy resources, to listicles about things you didn’t know about literary Nottingham (there are LOTS!), from our social media videos and interviews with writers, there is a city to discover and stories we are proud to share with you.

Brox Hall1
Literary Locations #83: Broxtowe Hall

Broxtowe’s literary legacy spans the globe, boasting the first person to write a defence of universal religious freedom in English.

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Writer-In-Residence in South Korea #5: From Coast to Coast

In our latest blog from our roving Writer in Residence Rory Waterman, he travels across Korea's peninsular and samples an unusual yet tasty treat

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Ruff H
Literary Locations #82: Rufford Abbey

The secret world of Rufford Abbey.

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Writer-in-Residence in South Korea #4: Meeting the Trumpists

Now deep into his residency in fellow UNESCO City of Literature, Bucheon, Notts poet and writer Rory Waterman finds views on the North..and further...

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noun, Spanish De-escalation (Courtesy of Granada City of Literature)

“A word we are listening out for all of the time”


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The Book of Hopes

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Rebel writers

As well as being internationally renowned for the legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham has a history of rebellion – from stealing from the rich to give to the poor, to making a stand for the rights of the working classes. Nottingham was the home of the Luddite rebellion and at the heart of the Chartist movement. Two centuries earlier, we hosted the start of the English Civil War when King Charles I flew the Royal Standard within the Castle. 'Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not’ seems to be the city's unofficial slogan.

discover our rebellious heritage

The Literary City

Down every twitchell, across the slabs of the Square and cobbles of Hockley, through every welcoming door, behind every rippling pane of glass in every glowing window, there’s a story waiting to be discovered. If you’ve got an enquiring mind, it’s time to let it run wild. It’s time to visit Nottingham City of Literature.

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We are a global network of twenty cities who specialise in literature. We work together to build strong global partnerships, share best practice and encourage literary exchanges. We collaborate on projects promoting creativity and culture with as wide and diverse an audience as possible, both locally and internationally.


Iowa City

Poetry and prose in the Alhambra stones

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