Rebecca Goldsmith

Rebecca Goldsmith

Rebecca works on our Dawn of the Unread project, looking at how comic books and graphic novels can engage young and reluctant readers and creating learning resources for use in school lessons and libraries.

About Rebecca

Rebecca's background is in outreach, learning and participation.  She worked as a teacher and creative practitioner before going on to devise and manage strategic programmes for arts and cultural organisations, from a local to national level. Most recently, she has been exploring innovative models of literacy development, and advocating for the transformative power of creative engagement.  

Why I Read

For me, books have always been a source of adventure. You can open one up and switch instantly into a different place, different time, different person. It’s a way to explore and to learn. I love writing that draws you in, feels totally real, and haunts you afterwards.

I’m a really slow reader. I have to work hard at sticking with a book, and it has to capture my interest quickly. But once I’m hooked, I can’t stop.  That feeling is addictive. All of a sudden your head is full of things you’d never thought before, or you see yourself reflected in the writing and it’s like talking to a friend who understands you.

I’m interested in how writing can interact with other art forms like film, music and digital arts, and I’m a sucker for poetry that has lots of atmosphere and a strong sense of place.  

My favourite writers

These include George Mackay Brown, Jen Hadfield, Seamus Heaney, Daphne du Maurier, and Virginia Woolf.

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